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Things VCs Never Say

It’s tough being a venture capitalist these days.  Exits are practically non-existent, fund raising is an impossible task, and true breakthrough ideas are in very short supply.  So the folks at ExpertCEO decided to put together a little tongue-in-cheek Slideshare deck about things that VC’s would never admit.

I enjoy humor as much as anyone else but kicking the VC class while their down seems a bit rough for me.  I’ve worked with dozens of VCs and private equity firms over the past decade and many of these points do resonate.  On the flip side I know that innovation is what will lead to the next great wave of technology and that VCs and other investors will be critical catalysts in making those technologies successful.  I’d prefer to keep the entire VC class on my side versus leaving some history on the Internet about how stupid I think they might be.