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L is for LOSER

It’s official I am a LOSER in the SOBCon08 contest. Emily would also say L is for LAME too, but I try not to think about all the negative L-words. So I didn’t win the SOBCon post contest, but I did create some new connections and had a great time doing it. To that end, I’m glad that money is as good as cash, not an exact quote from Yogi Berra, but I was able to register on my own and did so ONLY because of the contest. So Chicago here I come!

So the winner was the Free guest post guy @ New Music Strategies, not sure how he is going to award the guest post to himself, but he apparently has options since he is the WINNER! Congrats! See you then Andrew.

Are YOU going to SOBCon08? Leave a comment to send me a tweet and let me know if you are going to be there.  Look forward to making some new connections before the show in ORD.  SOBCon is going to be great, hope you can make it.