The 5 Step: A presentation framework

So [tag]PowerPoint[/tag] is the core medium of marketers, we are asked to give presentations all the time. Sometimes it’s a prospect presentation, some times the executive team or to your reports. Did you know that most EVERYTHING can be effectively explained in 5 steps. The 5 Step process has it’s roots in P&G and is a great platform for communication. The five step can be used for memos, collateral or even wedding proposals. So here is the 5 step framework:

1. Background. Why are you here? Only baseline info in the Background – this is the basis for discussion, basically just the facts or mutually agreed to corporate/industry myths. In a prospect presentation it’s the problem/need.
2. The Idea or Recommendation. What are you proposing? This is typically one sentence, but I cheat some times.
3. How it Works. The details. In addition to How, also What, Who, When, Where. Another way to look at this is plan.
4. Key Benefits. Often these tie to the actions in how this works.
5. Next Steps. Who has to do what and by when for this to happen?

Often when giving a 5 step to the uninitiated they often don’t believe you will proceed against the five steps. It’s a little odd, but it happens. It represents a series of talking points and necessary supporting data or metrics to drive the decision process. The [tag]5 Step Presentation[/tag] can be more than 5 slides, but most things can be done in 5 slides.

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