B Travel – A Bad City for Business – Las Vegas

So I’m on a travel rant – [tag]Las Vegas[/tag] has got to be the least productive city to ever be in. I fully understand that’s engineered that way – but when you’re a vendor AND have a real day job – Vegas sucks! I mean I like all the bright lights and crazy noises and just pacing around the casino, but that’s about it. Pace a while – back to the room.

Perhaps I should pick up gambling you say – not that excited about it. When I bet cash – it is literally – $1. I often get challenged that I’m obviously the chicken in this breakfast, rather than the Pig with that type of bet.

$1 is as real a bet as any and it’s the principle – right? The other reason I can’t gamble all night is that I will clearly have at least 1 or 2 conference calls at 5am local time, so “playing through” won’t work regardless of the O2 levels.

The coolest thing: The 5 am meeting will only be booked after you made plans to do to rock star karaoke @ the [tag]house of blues[/tag] on the fly with a prospect who loves [tag]Karaoke[/tag].

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