What do city university of hong kong and Vanessa Hudgens have in common?

Why are [tag]city university of hong kong[/tag] and [tag]Vanessa Hudgens[/tag] both leading technorati terms.

It must be because just as many people want to learn as want to know about a child star scandal. So are you on an information quest when online or just playing [tag]online pinochle[/tag]? I was just at [tag]technorati[/tag]…

Wait I was wrong – city university of hong kong appears to be just random and not about education Other apparently random word mixes on technorati: [tag]gambar[/tag] [tag]majlis pertunangan[/tag] erra fazira engku [tag]emran[/tag] and [tag]melayu bogel[/tag], but since I don’t know what it means, I’m just guessing… and I hope it’s clean

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