The Chris Brogan Effect – An Unproven Model

So Brogan wrote on the [tag]Scoble[/tag] Effect, well let me tell you there is a Brogan effect as well. I posted appreciatively to his blog for some great content, from which I took his direction and blogged on one of his 100 topic. So Brogan has a technorati authority of over 600 and Scoble over 6100.

Easy math indicates a direct article on Scoblizer would be about 100X views, views than Brogan. I’ve tested it against some low authority blogs and high authority referrers as well, 119 blog sources. [tag]Digg[/tag] does however send some reasonable traffic my way. It’s not a linear scale, it appears to have tiers of disproportionate impact, with a lessening number of visits per authority as you go up in scale.

This appears to map out fairly well against a gizmodo baseline which I have had a direct post on one of the properties I manage, Gizmodo is worth 134 views. So I estimate the scoble effect at about 90-105 visitors. Is that close?

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  • Reply Chris Brogan... October 1, 2007 at 9:31 am

    I never did understand the authority thing on Technorati. But at least now, I have a sense of where I rank. I think. Beats me.

    But thanks. I guess maybe there’s a scale to it? Depends HOW you link, and how you set up a blog to point to another, right?

    I dunno.

  • Reply G October 1, 2007 at 5:10 pm

    Not sure what the scale is but it’s definitely not linear. I’ll keep playing and reading – thanks for the comment.

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