B-Travel: IAD unusally warm…


Despite the picture above, Washington D.C. was a very good trip with very reasonable weather, plus my in-laws were in town so some small town in west Texas would have been fine in a dust storm. This whole global warming thing might just work out 😉 I had the opportunity to learn a great deal, meet interesting folks and better understand the value of being home. This was also one of the times I get to fly my geek flag and not be out of sorts, which is a good thing.

Sometimes business travel is a very productive thing, other times it’s just an unreasonable amount of time in a hotel or conference room. The conference I went to chuck full of smart folks and delivered some very good content around the technology requirements for better automation of [tag]Healthcare Savings Accounts[/tag] ([tag]HSA[/tag]) and [tag]Real-Time Adjudication[/tag] ([tag]RTA[/tag]).  Really fancy stuff for let’s make sure everyone gets paid on time and/or really fast…

The only pseudo-complaint is that it was a little too technical for the most part and focused on the very narrow problem, rather than addressing core platform requirements and business process needs for successful implementation.

That being said, it was a great example of how standards groups (x12 and WEDI) can be relevant and impact knowledge sharing and the realities of how to have a successful technical implementation.

A quick shout out to Humana (I really typed shout out?!?!?) [tag]Humana[/tag] appears to be a fairly cutting edge insurance organization which focuses on the emerging consumerism reality in [tag]healthcare[/tag]. They see self-service and a retail-esque approach to healthcare as the next core delivery model which is truly dictated by open market competition for patients and are rapidly developing solutions and insurance products to support this trend.

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