Twittered – Now what?


So I’ve setup my twitter account and am getting used to this whole thing.  At this point I think it’s about weather, but I suspect that will change over time as I get more comfortable.

I also think twitter is one of those words and potentially [tag]brand[/tag]s which can be a verb, a noun and an adjective – great opportunity for them.

So as part of this ongoing experiment of blogging I’ve added Twitter to the mix, I’m meeting randoms and getting feedback, which ultimately will make me better at the whole thing.  I think by the end of the week [tag]twitter[/tag] may be the most interesting tool yet for getting submersed in this whole [tag]social media[/tag] thing.

So how does one effectively use twitter? Ideas or recommendations?   I think I need an iPhone and a new Mac to get the WHOLE experience.  Don’t get me wrong, at least I’ve already put stickers on my laptop.

So a friend sent me the Dilbet below:

Dilbert - Social Media Addition

So what do you do?

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