Kudos to Xobni!

I had the most pleasant discussion with matt brezina, a founder of Xobni or as listed on thier website a person who’s “excitement level is high. He’s our co-founder, mascot, and deal maker, all in one.” He did seem a little over caffeinated, but hey it’s apparently understood in throughout the Xobnni business and played well on the call.

So due to my post on Marketing 3.0 where I referenced the importance of product and cited my uninstall on Xobni, we exchanged notes and chatted.

These folks at [tag]Xobni[/tag] are passionate about search and email! I explained some items which did work and didn’t work, but Matt was straightforward on thier strategy and goals with the product. With the core infrastructure in place a build out of more capabilities exist on thier roadmap. It really seems the next version or so will require a re-install.

Matt also explained their target market and the general benefits – so I’m optimistic on the new capabilities…. So as I said in the other piece, give it a try. Matt’s candor, passion and willingness to SOLICIT and FOLLOW UP on feedback shows a service oriented approach to technology which is more or less lacking in many organization.

Thanks for the call Matt – I so hope your thing explodes into a crazy business for y’all. I also hope you can allow it to help me manage all of my extended networks, personal and business from a single and currently embedded interface for an application which consumes our typical business life – [tag]email[/tag].

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