Moderating comments – not a big fan but…

So I don’t like moderating comments but if I didn’t i’d get trash like this:

Ristoranti in Malga di 

Nice post.
I am sure you’ll like my site..
Thank You Again

The reason I call this trash, is because the nice post which this person is referring to is this one:

Test Geotag

October 28, 2007 – 5:38 am by G | Tags: Testing’s geotagging capabilities.  [tag]Roswell[/tag], GA is the city and the zip 30076

[where: 30076]

I guess it’s a nice post because it worked to bring someone here and appears to be appropriate grammar, which is a challenge for me. I’m really glad for [tag]Akismet[/tag] since it “has protected your site from 597 spam comments”.  I’ve not told more than 20 people about this whole blog thing, as it is my experiment to understand content and alike for future use, plus it’s kinda fun.

Are there other tools I could use which would better catch spam and allow for real-time comment posting?

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