Social Networking IS a killer app for Enterprises

I’ll be at lunch with folks from AMR on Tuesday and saw Chris’ post and clearly agree – no ads please.  What’s really weird is when I saw the note on friday, I too thought it would be a good , but being a slacker, chris beat me to it.

You suck chris!  My two posts this week so far are only because of you – oh wait, I think that means I suck and I should be thankful for cool people I know.  Anway here’s the quote:

The more I think about [tag]social networks[/tag] in the enterprise, the more convinced I am that there are great business applications for the technology. The networks won’t be ad based, though.”Bruce Richardson, [tag]AMR Research[/tag].

I guess I meant chris is one of the coolest guys I know and ever worked for.  I’m not saying it again! Thanks for the license plate photo too!

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