Top 5 Posts: 2007 Keyword Traffic

So I’m traveling and doing the holiday thing and working on a couple of new posts, but as I noted in another post, I thought I would do a list of the top 5 posts with the most random keyword traffic:

How to Calculate Gross Margin:  From a set of questions I repeatedly get asked, now I have a URL to send and apparently a URL for people to search on too.  This one get hits directly off the title.

What is Scientific Management: I got bored, wasn’t feeling creative and did this one, kinda like this post of top 5.  The search term is almost always “relevance of Scientific Management”, there is some [tag]Business 101[/tag] lecturer or a lot of lecturers who have this as an essay or something.

A Community’s Place:  This gets hits only for the term “Bob’s Ichthyosaur”, so apparently I’m not the only one that liked it or would want to read it.  Thanks John for my copy – see you next July.

Top 100 Things to be Thankful For – This is not only one I like, but the highest traffic post on my site.  Who’d a thunk, a stream of thankful consciousness.

Police Setlist  – This one gets weird keywords, but nevertheless it’s [tag]top 5[/tag]

I’ll do some more, like the 5 i like but no one else appears to and my fav’s, which some may have liked. Back to the task of life.


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