Product Launches Don’t need to suck…

Prior to leaving for my latest business trip, I had the opportunity to preview David Daniels‘s eBoook, “Is your product launch doomed?” and I was fairly thankful for that opportunity.  David’s ebook was fairly timely and provided a needed reality check for the effort which I was engaged in, a product launch.  The piece provides 10 key items for consideration during a launch – all of which are valid.  My most recent launch did so well since the launch focused on ensured that item 10 from david’s book – the team was paramount.    The initial launch roadshow which just wrapped up garnered reasonable international press, initial interest and customer excitement.  So basically – the mechanics and the emotional parts went very well, so now on to the crazy profit and revenue part.  So that’s kept me just a little busy this summer, but I look forward to posting more over the coming months.   Considerably more, wow have I learned a bunch in the last 90 days.

Looks like David has been busy too – here is a presentation I found which David did at ProductCamp Austin, it appears that his launch plan for the eBook included a roadshow of sorts as well.  Without the sound track and if you haven’t read the eBook you should still be able to get most of the parts, but I would read the long version too.

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