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Thanks for the time to write! 10 Articles which I’m glad I posted

I’ve been working on my annual list of things I’m thankful for and one of the obvious things I am thankful for is being able to sit down and write a little.  While I haven’t had as much time as I would like and I definitely don’t have enough interesting ideas, I was able to find 10 posts which work for me and I now see them in a little different light the farther I am away from the original post date.

  1. Execution and Strategy are not just a function of big ideas, but also principles
  2. Sometimes a target market is small and that’s ok.
  3. Product Management doesn’t need to be hard, but it is more often than not.
  4. Product Roadmaps are typically not more than telling a story.
  5. There are way too many smart people and you need to listen more than you talk
  6. Social Media is changing how most of us are doing our jobs.
  7. You always need to think about how what you do is received by others.
  8. Brands and Products have to be easy to build and buy.
  9. Brands, Products and Cultures are not easily separated
  10. Increasing Market Share is a brand strategy, not a product strategy