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4 Questions to consider when creating content: Is your content citable?

This presentation on “Rocket Content” has some really valuable questions to ask as a content marketer trying to engage senior management at companies.  As you look to develop content and influence your markets, the questions on the final slide are a succinct way to looking at content marketing.  If you are looking to develop content with the potential for thought leadership and going viral inside a potential prospect’s organization this presentation provides some valuable context.  I’d modify how questions slightly as I have done below, but these 4 question are a great starting point for executive content development.

Can your content:

  • Easily be passed to an executive?
  • Credibly be referenced in a presentation?
  • Address an objection?
  • Encourage someone engage your company?


Many thanks to Ian Greenleigh of Bizaarvoice.

Trolling through posts

Been mixing up the blogroll, dredging up some past posts and just having a grand ole time slacking.   So with like 19 months into this project here at, I thought I would review stuff I wrote before, which may be of interest.  Sorta like my own personal patchwork plagiarism, this post is driven more by slackerdom.

Marketing is Geography

As a business exits the hyper-local stage and expands beyond a region, not all geographies are created equal despite cliche’s such as “There is no bad patch, only bad sales people”. Alas, that just isn’t true. …

Wanted Social Media Antagonist

Spatially Relevant (SR), a Top 333,000 blog, is the leading Geography, Marketing, Product Management, Social Media and Live Music (GeoMaPMSMLM) blog. SR is seeing amazing flatness in our growth and seeking a little assistance in taking the SR experience to the next level.

Social Media Geographic Content Analysis

In a reasonably unscientific manner I’ve noticed what I think might be an interesting/plausible relationship in how regionalization may impact blog content. Content development, presentation and geospatial references appear to vary based on where a blogger hails from….

Package Up, Package Down

Packaging up into value and down into customer acquisition with planned out year up sells are two themes I’ve been seeing in the marketplace…

Mosaic: Blogging or Cribbing?

The short story “Who’s cribbing” is about a new science fiction writer finds that all his submitted stories are being rejected because they are copies of those published by another writer in the 1930s and 1940s. He does not understand what is happening. When he finally gathers all his letters and rejection slips and tries to publish that, he is told that this, too, was the work of that other author

I mainly forgot each of these.  Hopefully not a clutter in your reader.

Blogging? Well Maybe I Will

This is a guest-post from Kim Howard who blogs at Alz You Need to Know. I’ve known Kim for almost a year now and have had the opportunity to answer questions and aid along the way.   While out to dinner in Austin a couple of weeks ago, she spoke about how much she is enjoying blogging and how it is a great outlet and when I asked Why she was blogging – she was just passionate about what she is doing.  Kim was kind enough to put a pithy piece together on why she blogs.  Since I have been watching her efforts and the ongoing progress she is making in the area, I thought more folks should know about her and her blog.   So here it is:

How did I start blogging? Well it was a process for sure and an excellent question considering that I was using dial-up just a year ago. No really! I figured who needed wi-fi when using my 1999 Dell computer with Windows 99, I certainly didn’t. Wow things have changed drastically over the past year. With wireless online, I think about what I can share with others nearly daily on my blog.

Since I am now caught up with this decade and have joined the rest of the world on the internet. I started blogging because after years of working in the world of healthcare I wanted to share my thoughts with friends and family members dealing with loved ones with Alzheimer’s. This is an area of passion for me since I have dedicated my career in recreational therapy to help improve the quality of life of patients and their families a blog seemed like a natural extension of my efforts.

Blogging may not have been my first choice, but as I investigated options, it seemed the right way to go. I wanted to build a community in which people could find solace from their stressful day as a care giver. I envisioned my blog becoming an outlet for others and a way to record stories of loved ones with AD. I want my blog to turn into a community for those in need of finding assistance with their loved one with AD. This is the focus of my efforts – a place to share my ideas and hopefully get others involved in the conversation.

I have enjoyed sharing my experiences with others and hopefully I can aid just one person – that is why I blog.