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Conclusion: It is no longer possible to say ANYTHING original about social media

So it sorta feels like the oxygen has been sucked out of social media or at least the originality.  While I like the slight metaphor twist by Krista Neher and the apparent use of the 5 step approach she undoubtly had ingrained at P&G, where’s the new content?  This isn’t Krista’s fault, the presentation is solid and spot on. The next steps close with connect is classic 5 step, but even with that I still find myself wanting in general for something new to happen in the scene.

Perhaps we are just entering the “no original thought” part of social media.  Pirates, defenders, advocates, rouges, creators, lurkers, trolls, detractors, blah, blah, blah…. Brands in social media need to change their approach to engaging and listening needs to central to the brand’s digital strategy and anyone that doesn’t already know this is just 1 bad quarter from a new job or no job.

Again, NOT to pick on Krista, because she did nail it and is further spreading the word which everyone needs to know, so take a look, since she did get a slot in Vegas which is no small feat:

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