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The Social Marketing Construct: Evolving Brands and Emerging Realities

Download the Social Marketing Construct

Why we wrote it:

After sitting in a Pragmatic course taught by David Meerman Scott, I came up with the idea that I just might wanna write something a little more substantial than a blog post.  David spent a good deal of effort in his New Rules of Marketing course on the value of an eBook, so I thought that might be a lofty pursuit.  I clearly needed some help; so I engaged my personal advisory board for input and volleyed ideas. We centered on brand as a construct in the context of social media adoption, more or less.

Sheryl Altschuler was kind enough to offer her experience in launching brands online for this project.  Sheryl was critical in simplifying the concepts in the eBook and developing the Social Marketing ContractChris Carfi was kind enough to write a foreword and to provide his thoughts on what would be helpful to marketers given the emerging business realities. Clearly interesting things are afoot in the evolving social marketplace. The social impact on brand management and equity represents an opportunity for marketers to re-align their focus against The Social Marketing Construct.

Many thanks to those who helped as well as those who take the time to download and take a look.  If you find it particularly useful, feel free to let some folks know about it.  The concepts in the book are a continuing area of interest for both Sheryl and me, so feedback appreciated.