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Cartography finally has a killer app: Google Latitude

2 revolutionary product posts in two days.  Today’s, ok a day late, if a mobile app from Google. The launch of Google Latitude is bound to represent a new mode of interaction…  Spatially driven personal interactions – like real people and stuff – potentially.  Clearly an interesting product for product manager – lots o’ uses.  So here is the overview:

Latitude is a new feature for Google Maps on your mobile device. It’s also an iGoogle gadget on your computer. Once you’ve opted in to Latitude, you can see the approximate location of your friends and loved ones who have decided to share their location with you. So now you can do things like see if your spouse is stuck in traffic on the way home from work, notice that a buddy is in town for the weekend, or take comfort in knowing that a loved one’s flight landed safely, despite bad weather.

And with Latitude, not only can you see your friends’ locations on a map, but you can also be in touch directly via SMS, Google Talk, Gmail, or by updating your status message; you can even upload a new profile photo on the fly. It’s a fun way to feel close to the people you care about.

Yup a killer app – safety, spying, OCD management and visual “where are you” answers.   With “fine grained” privacy management it may just be what makes each of our Google account more valuable – I just synched my feedburner account – so why not another Google app.

Oh – yeah – a little delay for the iPhone version… Very cool share cool of wallet play Google folks.  Android anyone?

Top 5 Trollin: Alert Rich, jus utendi et abutendi & the proletariat

So I continue to monitor my Google alerts around Top 5, I tracked top 12 (no traffic) and I tracked Top 7 as well – 1 hit in months. Readers are some of the most insightful folks and other writers do love their Top 5 list and more like to refer to other peoples Top 5 lists – creativity is alive and well! What qualifies as a reasonable list? Wit? Detail? A cool Title?

The most reasonable list according to many authors who linked to it, is the Top 5 SEO and Link Building Challenges for 2008 which have cluttered my inbox. (Uh oh – I have possibly broken the linking rules for good [tag]SEO[/tag]!) I’m so appreciative for the ideas of others, but I am continuously curious about what is of interest and what is not for readers, because while I appreciate that a good deal of words were written – I don’t know why so many people linked back.

The other list of multiple linking was the Top 5 Tips on Making Machinima, apparently a type of gamer movie thing. The most useful list I found was the Top 5 greasemonkey scripts to pimp my new GMail, but I don’t have any idea what to do with it. Wish I did as that FB GMail scripts, looks like a cool thing – maybe. Have you installed GMail scripts? Anywho, back to what you want to read or not, my random retort to a very challenging Canadian – Paul.

At Paulitics a very interesting Top5 List – Top 5 Things I saw in America which, as a Canadian, freaked me right out! First I say only 5? Then, I read them and I thought – really those 5? Fundamentally we have this thing called free speech in the US, it is some inalienable right thing, which was further outlined in a thing called the Bill of Rights and it appears 4 of your complaints are around that, which are fairly important things to American folk.

(tongue firmly planted in cheek for the majority of the rest of the post)

While I think your blog’s name is clever – I think your response is a little too Canadian. A little too “our currency is at parity and we can now buy the goods of the bourgeoisie without doing math” uppity member of the proletariat. A little too “can I get some mayonnaise for my French Fries – no Mayo?!?! How about some vinegar or gravy?” My response is really just in response to item #4, in your inverse ordered list:

A breakfast creation in upstate New York called “Stuffed French Toast”. What does “Stuffed French Toast” entail, you naïve non-American might ask? It’s French Toast (which, keep in mind is cooked in butter) stuffed with bacon, eggs and processed cheese (which they proudly call ‘American processed cheese’, I presume, to distinguish it from real cheese which could, after all, be French and/or offer unAmerican nutritional content). But here’s the kicker: on top of your “Stuffed French Toast” cooked in butter, you will find… a square of butter.

I don’t know what to say, except to create my own retort in the form of a Top 5 list.


Top 5 Reasons Stuffed French Toast Should be Awarded the most American Recipe Ever.


  • Everything is better cooked in butter!
  • Americans, specifically the xenophobe set, can’t accept anything French without improving upon it and topping with a pat of butter as a is a great start, since cooking with butter is not the same as topping it with butter.
  • Processed cheese isn’t just tasty – it is also an optimal cholesterol delivery device which is perfectly square and melts more evenly than real cheddar cheese. Completely american – style over substance.
  • Bacon is the meat of champions and pork products are best served wrapped in a bread product.
  • Eggbeaters are always a heart smart alternative, if not available, ain’t no never mind since Zocor is just a co-pay away.

But I must say, I did enjoy Paul’s Marx-to-English Dictionary post, so I’ve added you to my reader, mainly so I can reflect on my Workers World days. Thanks for the list Paul and the fun, I’ll keep reading!