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Hypersocialbility: We need new stories for our products and brands

“Old, linear forms of storytelling are like going on a date and not letting the other person talk.”

Nicke Bergström

As marketers, we have have always been storytellers whether it was looking to get alignment on your strategic roadmap , engaging your the people which buyer your product or looking for more effective ways to influence new markets or buyers.

Year in and year out marketers are equipping sales to tell stories and in general creating content to influence folks and the change in how people consume data and share data means we need to move from novels to nuggets with our story telling.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been tasked with going to new markets or are part of this whole tough economy thing,  new stories for the market are needed.   Mel Exon from BBH Labs proposes that the emergence of hypersocialbility is a critical consideration and I agree.

How is hypersocialbility going to change your stories?

note: while the examples are B2C marketing examples, slide 47 provides an overview which clearly is relevant to B2B marketers.