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Content Marketing: 100 Use Cases for Marketers to Deploy Content

Content continues to be a critical item for marketers to influence behaviors, beliefs and drive engagement.  This presentation demonstrates creative and effective use of content by companies big and small across all kinds of sectors.

Content marketing campaigns are only online, the most effective are integrated across multiple online, IRL and print channels. See how folks are using different mediums to drive results across the following tactics:

  • Blogs
  • Webcasts
  • Podcasts
  • Magazines
  • Websites
  • Microsites
  • Online Communities
  • Social Media
  • Events
  • Customer Newsletters
  • Videos
  • Mobile Apps

Can Social Media Create Value for Businesses?


Interesting research report from Olgilvy on Social Media creating value for businesses. From the executive summary:

Ogilvy and ChatThreads enlisted approximately 400 US restaurant consumers who tracked and reported 5,295 touch points with five restaurant brands across all major types of media….

What did we find?

1. Social media exposure is directly linked with increases in sales. Integrated social media (social content + one or more other channels) exposure is linked with significant increases in spend and consumption—for example, social media + PR exposure was associated with a 17% spend increase compared to the prior week without these.

2. Integration matters. Exposure to social content was most consistently effective when it was combined with exposure to other types of media channels.

3. Social media is a top driver of impact. Out of the 20 channels analyzed, social media was No. 1 or No. 2 in magnitude of impact on spend and consumption.

4. Social media exposure is directly linked with changes in brand perception. Social media by itself is particularly effective at rapidly impacting brand perception— exposure to social media generated the largest impact on brand perception over a short (one week) period of time.

5. Brand exposure in social media is low. Weekly social media exposure to brand mentions was relatively low (24% of panel) vs. television branded exposure (69% of panel), even in this selected high social media consumption group of consumers



How does your business use social media?

In an effort to gain more insight into the usage of social media by marketers, product marketers and product managers, we have a quick survey for you to participate in. The survey should only take like 2 minutes, so your input is appreciated!

Here’s the Survey:

Survey ends Friday 10.28

Insights on the Psychology of Influencing your markets and buyers online

Influencing buyers continues to be an imperative for all of us marketing types.  This presentation from Brian Cugelman provides an interesting view into Toilet Tipping and a bunch of other stuff like a social context primer, online e-commerce funnel management and other interesting data points for marketers to consider.

Integration isn’t just technical for social

I’m seeing more and more of the integrated strategy approach to social in presentation.  Jeremiah’s pitch from Altimeter is spot on in that every touch and channel needs to support engagement.  While on the surface you could see this as a technical set of tasks, it also a set of strategic decisions to make sure your brand is easily available where your customers are.  This slide set demonstrates how to strategically address social in your website, as a channel for interaction.