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Marketing 3.0 isn’t about throwing away the basics

This is more of a think about it post. Was reading a blog on Marketing 3.0 that new marketing is on many levels not related to “old marketing”. Excerpt:

We need to somewhat abandon traditional methods of marketing and look for inventive ways to build brand, awareness and of course leads for the sales folks. [tag]Marketing 3.0[/tag] is knowing the marketplace, the technologies available: harnessing and executing on all of the above to win the end game.

It’s still about the basics – the 4 P’s. Promotion and placement have significantly changed, but it’s always about the product. A great example is Xobni, an outlook plug-in – GREAT online [tag]marketing[/tag], GREAT word of mouth and they have the social network thing working. Cool [tag]product[/tag], interesting concept, but not actionable and no productivity lift – still cool though. I just might not be the target users – try it.

Utterz on the other hand – GREAT [tag]moblog[/tag] product, good concept and mastery of using a network for growth. So Marketing 3.0 is still about the basics.