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Why does your company blog suck? It doesn’t have to!

Some interesting insights from Mark Schaefer, directionally all of these are good recommendations based on facts. If 71% of buyers from the 2011 buyer report from Buyersphere reference blogs as part of the first stage of buying, then it might be a good idea to have one. I know you have reservations, so let me address the top 3 I hear:

1. Our buyers don’t use social media and alike: Well with over 750 Million people on facebook, there just might be some of your customers there. Maybe Facebook isn’t the right place for your industry, but LinkedIn is north of 200 million, so there might be a couple of buyers there for you to engage and build relationships with.

2. I don’t have time: While I get this one, are your competitors using social media? How do they have the time? I guess they make the time, you should too.

3. We don’t have that much content: Really? Are there whitepapers which could have a quick refresh and be edited down? CEO interviews you could do? Customer interviews? As marketers and product folks we are writing all the time, but if you don’t have content – ask others in your business. Who? People in development, support, professional services or wherever – you have smart people throughout your businesses who can share their knowledge with your market.

If you have 2 minutes, please participtate in our survey to better understand how you are using social media for your markets and products. Here is the link: