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Slide Week: Getting all trendy and stuff with your marketing efforts

Research is about process as a previous post asserted, but the most important thing we can identify as marketers are patterns or trends. The wonderful thing about accumulative data over time is it provides visibility to things we might not otherwise see as marketers and product managers.

Dr. Tim Stock’s presentation on The Structure of Trends is another view into how we should look at the research process.

Mobile Product Manager? No analyst budget? Here ya go!

Oh, your not? Well, this research from Morgan Stanley indicates it’s inevitable. Curious about what’s happening in mobile markets? What is the adoption in say Japan? How many people are GPS enabled? What is the average time an iPhone user leverages their device every day vs. non-iPhone users? These and about 400 other questions can be answered and help you in laying out a great baseline on why your apps just might need to go mobile and like soon.

Oh yeah, how do you feel about emerging markets?