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Roadmapping: Implementing Strategy

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Roadmaps change and fluctuate based on strategy, capacity and based on what was and what wasn’t delivered, but it is important to know manage your roadmap against the business needs, not the calendar.   To that end, I just took a video on demand session a couple of weeks ago or so in my spare time, but I wanted to get it done since in fact I’m starting a new gig and more education is always a good thing.  So with a little extra time on my calendar lately, I was able to sit through the Pragmatic Roadmapping session which was a very reasonable online course which made me think a bunch about planning and managing successfully towards a strategic initiative.

Roadmaps: The Vision Translator

Everyone wants to be a visionary and create a roadmap isn’t the time for vision – it is time for distillation of the existing strategy goals, plans and vision.    Another way to look at it is sometimes you just need to manage the business to get things done and as product manager with little authority, but all the accountability having an executive approved artifact can be a good tool to get everyone aligned.  Ultimately, The roadmap should connect strategy to execution –  where big ideas meet math, time and priority.    Strategy translated into revenue is the roadmap, revenue goals aligned to delivery time lines are releases and features to drive revenue are sprint, iterations or builds – whatever it is in your software shop.

Release Plans are Roadmap Derivatives

I got to start some release planning at the old gig and realized that it appeared that we jumped from big ideas to features.   In this mode, roadmaps are schedules, not strategic plans or commitments.  Don’t get me wrong, release planning is a vital step in delivering on the strategic goals and visions for the business and is a very exciting time, but it should be how you translate an agree to plan into action.

Roadmaps: Committing to the Business, Committing to the Market and your Customers

Growth is one of the most exciting things to pursue in technology, but requires plans, deliverables, commitments and accountability.   This is where the roadmap fits in.  Many organizations invest significant time and energy into revitalizing their strategy, but often fall back into the quarterly or semi-annual release planning mode and not looking at the deliverables required to position successful growth.  Revenue, dates, systems, people, products and customers are all part of the roadmap development.

The video which Steve presented covers not just delivering features and time lines, but focuses on connecting strategy to project/tactics.  One way to look at a roadmap just might be as a commitment for product managers to the business and a tool for prioritizing delivery.  The roadmap essentially becomes the contract which product managers manage against to ensure they are driving towards the desired goals and deliverables for the business.

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Overall it was a very productive session on focusing on delivering on the strategic themes for the business…it definitely made me think more about roadmaps than I have in a long time.  Many thank to the folks at Pragmatic Marketing for putting this together and letting me share with y’all a little discount.

Don’t be a product management victim.

Josh has some good quotes and some good ideas. Good communication, cross functional engagement and clear plans are essential. The presentation conceptually represents the type of content you will find on his blog, A Random Jog, check him out.

I hope to get back to writing in the next week or so, just way too busy with travel and stuff. Excited about being in Chicago for the weekend, so those of you who will be at SOBCon. Cheers!


Definitely A Product Manager Type

So I found this presentation on Better decisions and thought this is an effective set of constructs for consideration for product managers.  I then quickly thought “I bet this some recently unemployed data driven Product Manager”. I was wrong – project/program manager type in IT, but close.

When the better decisions presentation ended, it showed related posts and show me a presentation on Slideshare which was Lee White’s resume, the creator of the Decision preso.

Lee is the recent founder apparently of Decisions 3D and recently unemployed. While I don’t know Lee and have no insights into his skills, I think he might want to look at being a product manager of a late stage product which just throws off cash. You got one for him? Here is his resume – this whole using social media to provide access during the job search is a great emerging phenomenon. I get to see some of his work, look at his resume, read his blog and easily contact him. What a cool thing.

Brilliant move by Hyundai: Assurance a Brand Promise

Image by duncan via Flickr

The things you miss thanks to Tivo.  I rarely get to see commercials, so after surveying the content out there, I am clearly late, but I’m still going to post on it.  Ok so here is my late report on Hyundai.

Who ever this product manager in the finance group is or the promo person or the group of coworkers who were drinking and had the courage to talk about it in the morning are quite possibly some of the smartest folks on the planet.  Buy a new car without FEAR.  Trust a car company.  Buy a Hyundai, watch the commercial where they build on the previous warranty brand promise and now on a new one, your friend in hard times.  Now go get some market share!

That ad didn’t convince you? How about this one?

These people need a bonus, even it it doesn’t work.  At least they need a gift card to Chili’s.