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SCRUM In Marketing: Leveraging Agile Outside Development

When going Agile in development there are definitely challenges both inside and outside the traditional R&D group. The impact of improved velocity in the “manufacturing process” can definitely create bottlenecks in adjacent organizations/process owners.  Some organizations answer these challenges with going towards an Agile enterprise approach.  Others when asked “how can you use Agile methodologies outside of a traditional IT and Development mode?”  may roll out to another group here and there, but don’t go all-in.

Having had the opportunity to deploy Agile across the enterprise over the last several years – I’ll agree it helps bunches.  Focus, transparency and priority setting.    I’m definitely a believer in the benefits, which is why I’m sharing the presentation below.

Here is Kristen Petra’s pitch on how Hub Spot uses SCRUM in Marketing successfully from the 2011 Austin Product Camp/#PCATX.   While I think a Scrum Master role is needed, this is a solid overall intro into on how to use SCRUM outside of IT/development.