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SOCON10: Measuring Social Media for B2B: Activities Need to Drive Results


Many thanks to the folks that attended the session I lead.  We had a great discussion on what’s important, what folks are doing and how organizations should focus on improving over time.  There still appears to be this learning curve around social media which is awesome.  SoCon10 had a bunch of new faces and folks who are looking to better understand the tools, the type of processes which are best supported via social media efforts.

As discussed in the session, here are the links to the MS&L and PR Week Survey on Social Media and the 2009-2010: Product Management Survey from Pragmatic Marketing, where several of the graphs came from.

Thanks again for the discussion and many thanks to Leonard Witt and the rest of the folks who again setup a great event at Kennesaw State for Atlanta’s marketers, interactive media crowd and journalists.

Social Media Club Atlanta and SoCon09

So had the opportunity to talk a little bit thursday and meet some folks for the first time at Manuel’s as social Atlanta showed up for 2 key sessions – Social Media Club Atlanta Chapter and planning for SoCon09.  The first part of the night was trying to figure out what to do for SOCon09, I more listened and distracted than added value, but I was there and tried to help.

SoCon09 is apparently the region’s premier social media thingy, so I’ll be there and apparently I’ll donate some time too.  If you are in Atlanta February 5 and 6, it should be a good time.  I really don’t know how you register, what it costs or like any of that  This is probably something I should know, but I don’t.

The best comment of the night was “Deal with it, Atlanta isn’t silicon valley” and that’s true, you don’t think cool technology or investment, wish I remember who said it.  That being said the level of interest, desire to improve and to develop interesting relationships is alive and well in the south.

photo by you.

The Social Media Club sucked up the second half of the night and provided for an interesting discussion with the active participants.  Peter Fasano definitely sparked a little conversation around the room with the discussion topic/theme of Retail and social media.

Many thanks to the Regator folks who bought drinks and for Tessa and Peter organizing it and getting the ~30 people together.

In the end, there are some really interesting folks in ATL doing this social media thing, some of which I knew about, other who I didn’t like Dan Greenfield.  My only complaint was it made for a rather late day, as I slid into the Unicorn to catch some band, who I equated to Nanci Griffith with a synthesizer. Not really a complaint and not really any bad times.

photo.jpg by you.

What’s Social Media Club?  Check it out and get involved!