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I was talking to Jason Brett this morning to get hands-on view of how SoCal Product Camp went.   Jason went on about a great presentation he saw when he was out at the SoCal ProductCamp, so I decided to go out and find it and take a look.  Mack McCoy was kind enough to upload them to Slideshare, but the one below caught my attention.  I’m not sure if this is the presentation Jason was talking about, but in 13 easy rules you have a neat way to look at UX from Joely Gardner.

For me, I always like to see a way to easily digest information like this presentation.    I wonder if  UX principles were applied to the presentation?   I really like the white-space and I didn’t even notice the difference in the multiple bullet colors until looking at it the 4th review and that would definitely be something I typically notice first time around.  I guess that why we should care about our software product users experience – they shouldn’t notice the product per se, only the benefits they receive from the product.

It’s the user stupid!

Technology while cool, it isn’t typically what buyers/users want or ultimately decide on. Of course there are those buyers who only care about technology, stay away from them as customers. From my experience, they cost a lot. I’m not sure if it’s the high acquisition costs, slow revenue recognition or the ongoing roadmap heckling which is more organizationally draining.