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Mapufacture – Online platform for creating maps.  [tag]Mapufacture[/tag] is a geo-aggregatorAn aggregator, like a feed reader, allows you to pull in information from many sources and view in a single location or piece of software. It also allows you to then share this information back out to other devices, or in other formats. With it, you can build maps from feeds such as blogs, photo sites, weather or environmental data, favorite places, and many more. Your maps can let you know what is going on in your neighborhood, or give you local information about where you’re traveling to. – GeoRSS [tag]GML[/tag] is a formal GML Application Profile, and supports a greater range of features than Simple, notably coordinate reference systems other than WGS84 latitude/longitude. It is designed for use with Atom 1.0, RSS 2.0 and RSS 1.0, although it can be used just as easily in non-RSS XML encodings. GeoRSS Simple has greater brevity, but also has limited extensibility. It can be used in all the same ways and places as [tag]GeoRSS[/tag] GML.

TerraGo – Get the [tag]Geopdf toolbar[/tag] USGS now uses this capability and this free toobar is very cool.  The free GeoPDF Toolbar turns Adobe Reader into a powerful [tag]geospatial[/tag] application that gives users the ability to view, manipulate and update mapping data while leveraging Adobe collaboration capabilities to share information with others in the field and at home base.

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