The Promtion Pit: A Careerbuilder Commercial or a day in the office?

I am constantly reminded of the competition we call work and today made me think the Promotion Pit [tag]super bowl ad[/tag]. The [tag]careerbuilder[/tag] ad on [tag]promotion pit[/tag] is a fairly entertaining metaphor for the workplace. I was able to random into it on [tag]YouTube[/tag], [tag]Tivo[/tag] really makes a person miss out on 30 seconds of opportunities which we fast forward through without shame.

So at the end of the day, what is the [tag]opportunity cost[/tag] of Tivo from a enjoyment perspective? I think the benefits outweigh the lost opportunities, but I am wearing my protective 3 ring binder for safety just in case. I think there may be an [tag]OSHA[/tag] regulation on it.

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