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So I originally wrote a very short upgrade post on my upgrading to WordPress 2.3 and declared it a CRAZY success, the good news it went well, except it wasn’t install and go. I did how ever prove that nothing is un-doable with a little patience. So my recommendations:

1. Actually backup your database: I spent 30 minutes worried, that I was essentially in a do over mode. I had the exported the XML file, but that’s not all that’s necessary. So for piece of mind, do it.

2. Follow the instructions: I deactivated all the plugins, but reactivated them all at once. It took me a while to realize that my google site map doesn’t work. So I’ll find a new one.

3. Not all tagging systems are importable, but you do get a tag cloud.

4. You may need to edit your template to show associated tags and remove whitespace from some random include file I have already forgot – sry. Bring your logic and php skills team.

So I have two minor questions:

1. Anyone know of a conversion tool for SimpleTags, a plugin for Technorati tags?

2. So should I display my tags in a post or just in the cloud?

I’m still a very please wordpress user, since their instructions were correct and they have created a true productized upgrade. I was able to clean up some of my categories as well.

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