Tech speak – taking it to the streets….

guykawasaki Check out these end-user photos from the southern Cal fire:

So this [tag]Tweet[/tag] from guy made me think a little, as software folks do you take your jargon home? I’m pretty sure that when I coach my home team I use words which are more appropriately used in the [tag]workplace[/tag]:

“Kevren, I need you to action those items as discussed, your room clearly needs to be cleaned up ASAP”

“Dijouri, as you reflect on the incident at school with the spelling test; do you feel their was an opportunity for improvement? How are you efforting those items which you feel you can do better on? Going forward I think you should remember those items and drive to closure the gaps in expectations.”

“Prescott – while I certainly appreciate the flurry of activity, I need you to appreciate that results are more important than activity”

“Guys – we said we were going to the skate park — no scope creep. We can do the movies tomorrow.”

“As part of your bonus plan kids, we need to layout our 3 objectives for the week to get an incremental budget allocation to support your newly surfaced expense needs for the next week.”

“Emily — I’m currently efforting that initiative, it is my expectation I will close on taking the garbage out on or before COB tomorrow.”

“Dijouri, not sure I like the look and feel of that tinker toy creation”

I guess the upside is my kids will quickly be acclimated to corporate America, downside is their friends look at them weird when they say things like “at the end of the day, I just want to play my wii and I am willing to accept the trade offs associated with that decision.”

As for such – speak with my wife, it just doesn’t work. I’m just flat out told to “speak English”.

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