From the stream: Transactional Identity and Communal Data

So I got to thinking about a link from Chris Brogan via Twitter. The link had a very interesting post on communal data and trust. Which got me to thinking about ownership, the right to assign and what owning an identity meant and what attributes are portable. Is identity essentially a concept/social construct, where a “user” is an identity instance or sliver effectively shared within the constructs of the service and within a service’s capabilities. As a user, we overtly agree to acceptably use the service with certain constraints. Can trust be a function of shared identity transactions?

Identity management seems more like a strategy than a portable data set. Is your virtual identity a branded repository or a repository of brands? Does user registration represent the transaction which established a shared transactional identity?

What a terrifically conceptual afternoon today has been thanks to Twitter.

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  • Reply jon gatrell January 20, 2008 at 3:18 pm

    Blog: From the stream: Transactional Identity and Communal Data: So I got to thinking about a link..

  • Reply Shai Dorsai January 24, 2008 at 4:04 am

    Nice view of the multifaceted concept of what identity is; In a recent post I talked about the right to take my social graph away from a Social Network, and got a lot of comments about what I had the right to take (like Scoble/Plaxo, I guess). Lots of confusion about which data is mine, yours, ours and “theirs”… I think your slides add quite a bit to that debate, and merit more consideration… so I’ll go and do that.

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