Events: Keith Finger and CRMA

Just thought I would drop a note on some events which local people I know are involved in around the SFA/CRM space..

Art Hall and the CRMA folks are doing another round table which I’m lucky enough to participate in again at the Ashford Club, here is the abstract:

The Customer Relationship Management Association, Atlanta Chapter is pleased to offer our second installment of Social Media 3.0: The New Corporate Responsibility. Last month, we explored the rise of social media as a corporate function and profiled two Atlanta based companies that invested strategically in social media by creating “Heads of Social Media” or “HSMs.”

This month, we will continue to examine the role social media in Atlanta-based companies. Breakfast meeting takeaways will include:

  • How to develop a business case for social media marketing for your company
  • Measuring, tracking and communicating the value of social media marketing ROI
  • What is the social media governance model or policy
  • What types of skills are required to execute a corporate social media strategy
  • How do you integrate social media feedback to reinforce other CRM & Voice of the Customer (VOC) streams

Keith Finger is doing an interesting thing on lead gen which if it is anything like the whitepaper I read should be interesting.  Very Experienced Guy without a doubt and really, here is the overview from the landing page:

Convince and Convert: How to Pull More Prospects Into and Through the Sales Funnel

Are you happy with your demand generation process?  Would you like to spend more time speaking with qualified leads, while keeping other prospects nurtured until they’re ready to buy? It’s one thing to attract prospects, and it’s quite another to turn them into customers.  In this webinar learn the best practices smart companies are using to:

  • Make the best use of search engine marketing
  • Use demand generation to fill more of the sales funnel
  • Nurture leads to shorten the sale cycle
  • Score leads to focus on the best opportunities
  • The three common social media marketing mistakes to avoid
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  • Reply jon gatrell July 14, 2009 at 5:23 pm

    Events: Keith Finger and CRMA: Just thought I would drop a note on some events which local people I know are inv..

  • Reply Marty Thompson July 15, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    Good stuff, sounds like a very useful gathering. Can you point me in the direction of the WP that you mention?

  • Reply Jon Gatrell July 16, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    Marty all is well… Here is the URL: – download form :(. That’s why I didn’t link. Never had an electronic copy, got it in paper form when I met him for breakfast a couple of weeks ago. Very cool cat and seems to really get the whole lead gen and marketing automation thing.

    No burning man for me this year.


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