2010 in Review

Tis the season to slack a little on the whole blog thing.  It’s been a wonderful holiday season around here so far and I hope the same for y’all.   So here comes the list of posts from 2010 post you just might have missed.

5 Insights on Freemium Business Models

Doing market research shouldn’t only focus on the the scale of the problem and the competitors in the space, but also you should look for lessons learned from folks in the space or similar business models and conferences provide some great insights from people that have been there done that.   The recent rash of featured freemium presentations on Slideshare’s homepage provides some lessons learned which any product marketer can learn from, even if you don’t have a freemium offering.

How to do Market Research on the Cheap.

Due to the massive amount of data out there, many marketers rely on analyst for synthesizing marketing data and providing the lion share of data used in research projects.  While this approach can be helpful if you have a subscription, most of us need more context than high level numbers from an analyst firm to baseline our understanding of a market.   It’s not that the analysts are off, they all have their own take on the market.  Often analyst market definitions, approach to the market/research agenda and research methodologies make it very difficult to understand how it REALLY relates to your market.

What every product marketer needs to know about content strategy.

37 things who probably never hear in technology marketing

A fun look at being a pm in software.

A look at Innovation and Brand

A slideshare deck on Business Week’s Top 25 Innovators from 2010.

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