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100 Things I am Thankful for the 6th Edition

With 150,000+ miles in the air this year, I have good deal to be thankful for.   So on to 2012’s 100 things I’m thankful for so far this year.


  1. Any day I’m home chilling with family.
  2. Any day I learn something new.
  3. That my Facebook stream has returned to kitten photos and non-political memes.
  4. That I’ve resisted the temptation to buy the iPad mini
  5. That I still find joy in watching Paul Blart: Mall Cop with my kids for the 132nd time
  6. That I wake up excited and go to bed fulfilled.
  7. That I was able to finally catch up with Eric this year – 3 years is too long.
  8. The way Hadrian slowly wakes up every morning.
  9. That Kevren and Dijouri are setting and achieving their goals already
  10. A night of a full 8 hours of sleep regardless of time zone considerations.
  11. Lunch with Jake
  12. A morning walk
  13. Cooking Sunday breakfast just like my Dad did when I was a kid.
  14. Soup!
  15. That I’ve been able to use Delta award tickets to fly my family in for the holidays.
  16. Catching up on TV on a dreary day
  17. When kindness trumps the “hurriedness” of life.
  18. The day I realized that you can really enjoy a Saturday without the internet.
  19. Angry Birds Star Wars
  20. A user interface that doesn’t require a companion video
  21. That I still believe most people are kind and mean well
  22. When I go places where the dollar is still a strong currency
  23. Random phone discussions with John
  24. Opportunities to talk about markets.
  25. The days when I get to use my geography skills beyond reading a map.
  26. Sour Cream ice cream with bacon dust sprinkled on it.
  27. That I found a nice Italian restaurant right here in Canton!
  28. The kids are growing up to be fun little people all around.
  29. Engaging discussions with the folks I work with
  30. A good vegetarian dish on a hotel room service menu.
  31. Days when I actually have time to blog.
  32. That my parents are still around and willing to lend a hand and provide insight.
  33. Instagram’s new profile pages
  34. Layovers I can actually enjoy
  35. Sunsets that fall into the horizon over a mountain or an ocean.
  36. Working with a bunch of professionals
  37. Any opportunity where I can teach someone something
  38. Waffle house breakfast with the family
  39. Medallion Qualifying Miles
  40. That I actually finished a book I should have read a long time ago.
  41. That everyday I have the opportunity to help solve problems
  42. Cloudy days which make for a good movie day.
  43. Falling asleep before the plane takes off.
  44. Watching live music with friends
  45. My fence which keeps the dogs from running around the neighborhood.
  46. Naps
  47. A cold unsweet tea on a hot North Georgia day.
  48. Corn mazes
  49. The cloud messaging from Apple.
  50. Any chance I get to catch a baseball game.
  51. A cold Fat Tire
  52. A good bottle of reasonably priced wine.
  53. That all my kids take every opportunity to learn new thing
  54. The team at Pragmatic Marketing
  55. Traveling to new places – I got to see South Korea and Thailand this year!
  56. Not having to travel for Thanksgiving this year – five years in a ROW!
  57. Each time I read a quote which just makes me think
  58. Every time I get the opportunity to have a thoughtful discussion
  59. Dinner with friends
  60. That most days I have no surprises and when I do, I’m up for them
  61. On time departures
  62. Cooking dinner with Emily for friends and family
  63. Every time I catch a Back to the Future marathon
  64. When the coffee maker in my hotel room actually works and doesn’t only have decaf!
  65. Every chance to catch up with those folks I’ve been hanging out with for the last decade
  66. The Kindle App – reading is fun
  67. My Sirius subscription has changed my ride to the airport
  68. The two product managers from DirectTV who showed me how to really view TV Anywhere!
  69. All the people that help me along the way in life.
  70. When I find a nugget of information I wouldn’t have thanks to folks I follow on Facebook or Twitter
  71. Anita who kindly volunteers to watch our kids so Em and I can have a life
  72. Catching up with folks IRL when I’m on the road.
  73. Any chance to take a ride in the country side on a saturday afternoon.
  74. That my mom understands when I forgot to give her a call on her birthday because I was on the road. Thx mom!
  75. Every time we random into a music festival.
  76. Google Maps, I refuse to update my iPhone.
  77. Being able to watch the same Mentalist three days in a row and never make it to the end. zzzzzzz
  78. The active Product Camp community.
  79. Any time I can get a cab in Manhattan at 5 PM
  80. DVR’s
  81. Every chance I get to play a game of pool
  82. Pinochle
  83. Neil Young on the iPod
  84. Opportunity to almost serve on a jury this year.
  85. That Gallaher’s isn’t really closing – maybe.
  86. The view of PHX from the Marriott Buttes.
  87. Golfing in the rain
  88. Woodworking projects
  89. A speedy internet connection at the Delta sky club
  90. Finding a new connection thanks to a re-tweet
  91. Math is just math
  92. No need to buffer streamed TV
  93. My creative and fun wife, Emily
  94. Anytime I get the chance to see someone practicing their craft.
  95. Command Hooks
  96. Doggie Doors
  97. Long term plans which come together in the end
  98. Sleeping kids
  99. That my twins are doing ok at the whole driving thing.
  100. A good haircut


Have a great and safe Thanksgiving!


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100 Things I’m Thankful for so far in 2010

I can’t believe a year has already passed since my last Thanksgiving post.  So now is the time for a little reflection on what has become my favorite post of each year.

This is now my fourth installment of 100 things I am thankful for.  While many of them are similar, I’ve got some new ones and new people I am thankful for this year.  2010 has been so much fun so far with new challenges and opportunities.  Thanksgiving is a great time for me, since I have the opportunity to chat with friends and family, share a great meal and call folks to catch up with others throughout the day.

  1. My family – kid, parents, brothers, cousins, niece, nephews and my wife
  2. That big brothers take care of little brothers
  3. A cup of coffee on a foggy morning day on my deck with just the dogs
  4. That kids are so resilient
  5. The totally awesome group of folks I work with.
  6. Friends that I just don’t see enough of Ruslan, Rick, Chris, Mark, Patti and Dave
  7. A nice walk on a tread mill with a TV
  8. The way Hadrian slowly wakes up every morning
  9. That Jen is a great mother to Kevren and Dijouri
  10. Catching up with Friends when on the road
  11. Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis.
  12. Walking home on a sunny day from the bus stop with Prescott
  13. That Dijouri is so thoughtful of others
  14. That Kevren is growing up to be a cool kid
  15. Every chance I get to see my parents and brothers
  16. That random people will often let you use their stuff if you ask nicely
  17. Watching Prescott do a puzzle.
  18. Watching Hadrian follow his big brother everywhere
  19. The day I learned the concept of 4 corners from JF
  20. The day I realized it’s all just math
  21. On time and on budget feature delivery.
  22. That I really believe most people are thoughtful, kind and mean well.
  23. A quiet snowy morning
  24. Free Wireless in airports
  25. That Prescott and Hadrian are best friends
  26. That Kevren and Dijouri are  best friends
  27. The day I got certified
  28. French Onion Soup
  29. Every time I have time to read to my kids
  30. Taking pictures of Em when she doesn’t suspect it.
  31. My readers
  32. Any chance I can get to visit my kids at their school.
  33. Layovers I can actually enjoy
  34. Back roads driving and looking at fields of amber waves of grain
  35. Ideas that work
  36. Ideas that don’t work and learning from them
  37. Any day I can go to a zoo
  38. Any opportunity where I can teach someone something
  39. That a neighbor was smart enough to make a snowman before it melted
  40. Sleeping in to 6:30 am – it keeps getting earlier every year!!!!
  41. That it all works out in the end, no it really does.
  42. Taking a walk someplace new
  43. Every chance I get the time to enjoy architecture
  44. That I was able to George on his 65th birthday
  45. When my teenagers can schedule me in when I’m in town.
  46. When we remember that a photo might be a good idea
  47. That I didn’t forget my Mom’s birthday – 3 years in a row!  Thank you outlook!
  48. Being home and having nothing to do but chill
  49. Being able to catch a random wedding from a distance
  50. On time departures
  51. That everyday I have the opportunity to help solve problems
  52. Sunny Days with big fluffy clouds where I can imagine shapes with my kids
  53. Oatmeal
  54. The fact I now have many people to be thankful I know in PHX, not just Ron and MJ because they aren’t always around.
  55. That you can always find something to do in Detroit
  56. My dogs – Lilly and Tewsy
  57. For discovering Yelp and how it can find a perfect meal in just about anywhere.
  58. Taking the time to walk to all my flights at hartsfield jackson
  59. Naps
  60. Watching my teenagers grow up, learn and become responsible.
  61. Any chance I get to be in Austin.
  62. A good bowl of soup on a rainy day and a good book.
  63. My mentors (Ron, Ken, John and Jim)
  64. The fact I’ll make platinum this year and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
  65. Playing Angry Birds
  66. Not being able to no to stopping at a random fair in a small town
  67. The fact that I have never played any of the “Ville” games or any other games on Facebook.
  68. Spending any Saturday at a Product Camp.
  69. Days I don’t have to shave
  70. Watching Live Music
  71. Finally catching up with MJ after almost 7 years!
  72. That I’m able on most days to wake up excited and go to bed fulfilled.
  73. Everyday I have the opportunity to learn something new
  74. Every time I don’t forget stuff in a rental car
  75. Not having to travel for Thanksgiving this year – three years in a ROW!
  76. The day I realized that creativity and logic are actually peer concepts.
  77. That just because something seems like a good idea, you still have to do the research to make sure
  78. Cool Bugs
  79. Real life conversations
  80. That unconferences have helped develop communities of learning.
  81. Watching folks who worked for me in the past doing well in their careers.
  82. Cooking dinner with Emily for friends and family
  83. Nicely done bacon
  84. Walking around the parks of NYC and looking at art
  85. That random song which pops up on the ipod.
  86. Halloween
  87. The whole group of folks in Atlanta who I’ve been hanging out with for the last decade
  88. European breakfast at just about any hotel – cheese – mmmmm
  89. When I am actually able to see a movie in the theatre, even if it is a cartoon.
  90. When I happen to actually pack the right clothes for the right climate
  91. Doing spring cleaning in the fall
  92. Just about anything BBQ with DD
  93. Sleeping kids
  94. The fact that the last member of my friends has finally had a kid and now know what it means to be to too tired to go out
  95. Those rare, but beautiful snowy mornings in Georgia.
  96. That Apple just knew the iPad solved a problem I didn’t know I had
  97. Sunny fall days in the park
  98. That I’ve finally come to the realization that I can no longer do 3 straight days of live music, it makes Monday a bunch betterer.
  99. Any chance I can get to do something for someone else.
  100. That the boys were able to find that perfect dog to take Panic’s place.

Hopefully you are spending time with people you care about and sharing a great day with others!  Have a great and safe Thanksgiving!