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10 Myths of Innovation

The other side of innovation provides some interesting insights on how to drive innovation through to execution. The most interesting piece on what not to do is:

  • Don’t work with insiders
  • Don’t use existing processes
  • Don’t use existing metrics

If you are focusing on innovation you need to not be constrained by current people, processes and systems.  Here are also 10 myths of Innovation from the presentation:

  1. Innovation is all about ideas
  2. The great leader never fails
  3. Leaders are only fighting the system
  4. Everyone can be an innovator
  5. Innovation happens organically
  6. Can be inside an establish organization
  7. Requires wholesale organizational change
  8. Innovation can only happen in Skunk Works
  9. Innovation is unmanageable chaos
  10. Only start-ups can innovate

Oh yeah, here’s the presentation.


Music Can Change the World and Marketing: An Innovation Story

So not only do we look at lessons we learn from markets we server as marketers, we need to examine how we can do things differently and change a market based on insights and analysis of other market segments. Sometimes we need to look at our markets and look at how we might apply business models and approaches which haven’t been done before and sometime we need to starts with the history, evolution and current landscape to get full context on where innovation opportunities may exist.

Since this is a music post and maybe because it’s Friday or because I’m on my way to Austin this weekend, here’s a video to close the week as we think about looking at our markets from the cradle to where we are today.

Can pricing change your business? Sure it can!

Innovation isn’t only limited to the product, the other P’s can also be leveraged for innovation.  As product marketers / product managers, we can drive innovation with pricing, placement and promotion.   Todd Sattersten has created this presentation which leverages pictures to provide insight into how pricing can change the business.  this is a follow up to the eBook on Pricing he did in early 2010.  Worth the click through – thanks todd!