B-Travel: Top 5 Things I hate about European Travel

1. The Euro – with the ongoing devaluation of the [tag]US dollar[/tag] to the [tag]Euro[/tag] your personal spend is not fully understood until you check online several days later.

2. Hotels -The rooms are just too small and the cable sucks. I only had 2 channels of consistent English. CNN and a sports channel which indicates the only sport is futbol/soccer. Don’t they seem just a little too expensive?

3. Breakfast – why cold cuts and cheese? [tag]Muesli[/tag], corn flakes and lightly cooked bacon

4. The flight – Don’t get me wrong I like a [tag]free beer[/tag] like the next person and movies, but I’m not a fan of being confined for over 8 hours!

5. Power converters – I ALWAYS forget to pack my power converter. I now own 6 converters and should be set for the rest of my life, just as long as I can remember to bring. My latest one was purchased from a [tag]Free Shop[/tag] at a train station for the bargain price of 19 euros which cost like $0.11 to manufacture.

While it might appear I’m complaining about travel abroad, I’m not – Terre Haute on business is worse.

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