Top 5 Email tips: Captain Obvious Content Around Effective Spamming

So here is some content I lifted from some site, but only for the purpose of writing against as a framework. My apologies, I didn’t source in my [tag]notepad[/tag] file. Regardless, I cut-n-pasted this mainly because of the KISS method, [tag]Keep it simple stupid[/tag].

While a methodology I embrace, this list is like DUH! Clearly Captain Obvious content. I have inline comments in italics. Maybe it’s a good idea I didn’t source this [tag]Top 5 Email Tips[/tag], which started as a [tag]Top 10[/tag] which I cut up.

1. Understand your readers

Like any media, make sure that you provide your readers with the information they want. This will improve the click-through rates and encourage people to read your next newsletter rather then select the “unsubscribe” link.

So knowing your target market, buyer and relevant content is normally a good idea.

2. Personalise

Practice shows that personalised content produces the best results, with better open- and read-rates compared with the one size fits all approach.

By personalise, they clearly mean something like using their first name from a data based. The bad news is the sales person spelled it wrong, your CS rep didn’t get the name or just put in the first initial,

I’m actually a generic fan unless you KNOW the data is right or owned by the user, then it’s their fault that Steven became Setvne.

3. Do not leave an empty Subject line

Most empty Subject lines get spammed so make sure you don’t leave it empty or your email won’t get past spam filters.

Typically you don’t write someone unless there is a subject for the note – right?

4. Do not use deceptive Subject lines

The Subject line should pertain to the email and be informative enough to encourage the reader to open it whilst not being too long. It should not be in capitals, or contain exclamation marks.

Deception is not a good idea on ANYTHING OK!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!

5. Clear From lines

The From line should clearly state your company’s name or your name. Avoid spam From lines such as “Message from a friend” that are being used quite a lot by spammers.

Who really ever sends a message from a friend?!?!?! Well I did get a note from the secretary of finance in Nigeria, who apparently had an urgent message as a friend.

So as a basic promotional framework, it’s always good to remember that honesty, urgency, relevance and a reason to read is a good idea… This whole [tag]SEO[/tag] and [tag]SEM[/tag] thing continues to create lightweight content which continues to clutter online search.

That’s why I’m more and more interested in human oriented/user generated content sources such as wikis for reference information, rather than blind search.

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