MediaTemple Outage – lemons into lemonade…

I like nice companies, [tag]Media Temple[/tag] had an outage/slowdown which impacted nearly all protocols and caused time outs and unfriendly latency. Not a good thing, but up to their usual good service here is what they did:

—–Original Message—–
From: (mt) Media Temple []
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2007 3:36 PM
Subject: One month credit has been applied to your account

As per the last incident update on (mt) Media Temple‘s incident tracker system, 24 hours have passed and we have seen no further latency issues on (gs) Cluster.2

(mt) Media Temple is issuing 1 month’s credit to customers affected by this issue (INC# 285). We would like to take this opportunity to once again apologize for the unexpected access problems. We understand that our customers run web dependent businesses on our systems and that slow or inaccessible websites or email are simply unacceptable. We would also like to convey once more that this incident has spawned numerous internal reviews, new monitoring points and new adjustments to our cluster growth formulas. The primary aim for (mt) Media Temple is for this to never happen again.

We thank you for patience and your continued business.


Demian P. Sellfors


(mt) Media Temple, Inc.

You may review the full history of the incident log at the special incident URL:

Very cool, take care of the customer – a novel thought, perhaps the customer IS always right! The other cool thing about this scenario is they proactively notified me and continuously updated me on the status – now this is good [tag]customer support[/tag]. I know I lost some revenue, but the $0.82 I would have made on google ads pales in comparison to the $40 I’m going to get.

Wait does it include the container or just the hosting – maybe it’s only the base service, thats ok too. Getting greedy is not good, but [tag]Demian Sellfors[/tag] isn’t really specific. I doubt he just blew away 1/12 of his revenue, if so he’s way cool.

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