Top 5 Posts: By Genres

The following is a Top 5 list of several genres.  These are posts I wrote and I liked, Emily wrote and I wrote and no one seemed to like.

[tag]Top 5 Posts[/tag] I wrote for 2007 in my opinion

  • The Collaborator – Part of the stuck in the middle series, but I think this could standalone outside of the [tag]humor[/tag]ous series on [tag]middle management[/tag] impact.  I only have like 4, possibly 5 left which I will go back to in January.
  • [tag]Market Sizing[/tag] – A piece I did on a friends blog @ Launch Clinic, David is a very cool cat and a great product marketer.
  • Meeting Maxims – A random gram on [tag]running an effective meeting[/tag].
  • Thesis Fodder – A general observation on [tag]blogging styles[/tag], not sure it’s right, but it helped me understand better this blog thing.
  • The Geologist – This stuck in the middle piece as a homage to a friend

Top 5 Emily Wrote, while she’s not necessarily a blogger, she carves out time now and then to do things of interests.

Top 5 I liked, but no one appeared to like

  •  Geographic 25 – A set of topics to encourage posting by others.  I met Edward V. because of this, so it was great because of that alone.
  • Mosaic – I thought it was fun, but a friend of my referred to it as being just a little conceptual and obscure, but I know one person got it.
  • The 5th P – A proctor friend referred to this as blasphemy, but I think portfolio management is the 5th p.
  • B-Travel and General Travel Posts – I like these, but I think they are all about me and that’s ok.

This is more than likely it for 2007, see you in 2008.

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