Can you find a potential dooce?

Seeing there was a session on “how to blog at work and not get dooced” @ sxsw, I decided to poke around and find at least 1 post that appears to be on the fence of dooce-ableness. It took a while – but I found it on MEGO, My Eyes Glaze Over.

Is that meGO or MEEgo? — I’m not sure how you would pronounce it in Canadian or French for that matter. The excerpt below is the dooce candidate:

You see it isn’t only on my blog that I rant and rave about RSS, social media, podcasting and digital marketing. I spend a lot of time at work trying to open people’s eyes about the changing landscape of the Marketing and Communication field. I remained positive throughout 2007, seeing possibilities in a new budget and a new plan for 2008. But as 2007 drew to a close and my marketing plans for 2008 and my budgets were cut and misappropriated (in my opinion), I began to see that the company, wouldn’t be giving in to these “new marketing” ways any time soon!

The thing about budget season is it is all about posturing and positioning a ROI. These new marketing ways are transformational, so head up and keep reading business books. I recommend interviewing books next.

BTW it’s a well written blog and cool incorrect spelling and stuff. – colour, favourite… What’s a shreddie?

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