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Sharing your company IP with Kindess and Love. Who’s got my metadata?

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Competitive intelligence continues to get easier with social networking, everyone’s got a piece of content to share and concept to improve upon. This presentation speaks to brand and IP monitoring, but you can use the concepts and monitoring ideas for competitive intelligence.

Might not be a bad idea to watch your products and company as well.  Thanks to agentOxO for creating the preso, since we all need to be aware of the trends and how to leverage them to our advantage, although I’m not sure that is why he created the presentation, but we all view things a little differently.

I’ve never met a user I didn’t like

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OK, maybe I have, but I’ve always liked the customer and the value they bring to the business or product. Sometimes users are just a little distracting, but a necessary distraction if you are going to be successful in the marketplace, you can’t just care about the decision makers and economic buyer.

The persona approach from Mulder Media in this presentation is spot on from analytical perspective.  Most persona are not based on data and Mulder’s presentation helps identify how to prioritize and segment your personas in the process of building products and execution/developing a strategy. Different persona’s for different needs.

Ultimately we do thing for users AND the business as product managers, so we need to leverage facts and opinions in a way that supports our users needs and wants for a product to ensure adoption and continued satisfaction with the product and the business.  Personas help with this and just might be the only way to effectively convey this throughout the development lifecycle and in your go-to-market strategy.

Many thanks to Christopher Cummings for finding this.

Don’t be a product management victim.

Josh has some good quotes and some good ideas. Good communication, cross functional engagement and clear plans are essential. The presentation conceptually represents the type of content you will find on his blog, A Random Jog, check him out.

I hope to get back to writing in the next week or so, just way too busy with travel and stuff. Excited about being in Chicago for the weekend, so those of you who will be at SOBCon. Cheers!