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The Mobile Moment: A content strategy and transactional goals

Mobile markets continue to explode and the collision of content and mobile is becoming increasingly valuable to businesses and marketers alike. Cultural drivers for mobile vary, but require understanding – without context around the mobile user, we often just dump content randomly for mobile users which makes our apps less valuable for the users than intended and more costly for vendors.

I might offer three questions to consider when building a mobile application and take advantage of the emerging trends in mobile:

  1. What are you trying to accomplish with this app? (revenue, awareness, cost reduction, loyalty, other…)
  2. What makes you think mobile is the right approach now?
  3. What is the plan to create, manage and iterate your mobile app throughout it’s lifecycle?

Here is an interesting presentation from Tim Jones and Colleen Jones on how content considerations can determine the value, success and ongoing management strategy for mobile solutions.

This Mobile Moment

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Mobile Trends for Marketers, Product Marketers and Product Managers

Market research isn’t easy – it’s always a bunch a work.  Gaining insight into trends and alike not only requires a keen eye on the data, but continuous interaction from folks in the market.  To that end, researching trends can definitely be more difficult than it should be and researching markets can be even harder if you don’t have an analyst budget.

For the past 2 or 3 years or so, I’ve been consistently tracking the mobile markets and trends for some time and here is some more stuff for y’all, with another one from Mary Meeker.  It also looks like Meeker apparently recently joined – KPCB.   OK maybe not recently, but at least since the last published Morgan Stanley pitch on internet mobile trends.

Again a bunch of meeker slides: